Category 1:

Uses standard well-tried industrial grade products with well-tried safety principles. Components are reliable but may still fail to an unsafe condition with loss of the safety function 

Category 2:

Uses single channel monitored components (monitored start up as determined by risk assessment). Checking performed at suitable intervals.Component failure will be detected; single failure may result in loss of the safety function, as there is no back up. 

Category 3:

Uses dual channel (redundant) system with periodic checking performed at or before the next demand for the safety function. Some single faults maybe be undetected and an accumulation of faults can lead to a loss of safety. Loss of the safety function is not allowed with the failure of a single component. Multiple faults can lead to the loss of the safety function, which will be detected by the monitoring system. 

Category 4:

Uses dual channel (redundant) system with checking performed constantly or at least before each demand for the safety function. The loss of the safety function is not allowed. A fault will be detected at or before the next demand on the safety system. If this kind of detection is not possible, then the accumulation of the undetected faults will not lead to the loss of faults to the safety system. 

Total Machine Safety is the first integrated electrical and fluid power machine safeguarding training program. This comprehensive approach to evaluating and designing safety controls systems is critical in the overall success of a safety program. 

An understanding of global safety standard requirements for lockout and machine guarding is critical to implementing safety systems that both protect employees and promote greater productivity. When safety is addressed in the machine design process you begin to realize that safety is just another aspect of good business practices. 

Two Hand Non-Tie Down Controls

  • Pneumatic two hand non-tie down controls
  • Electronic two hand non-tie down controls built to a variety of OSHA, ANSI, UL, CSA and CE standards

 key features

  • The NSD mat electrodes are non-corrosive, non-magnetic, flexible and anti-static
  • They can use AC or DC input power
  • No vacuum seal to break which induces rust and leads to dead zones
  • Non-skid or high temperature/wet environment mats available
  • Maximum intermittent load on an NSD mat is 3000 PSI

features include

  • Compact “control reliable” category 4 design
  • EDM (External Device Monitoring) for external safety relays
  • No Dip Switches or pylon entry required for blanking
  • The System is designed to eliminate time consuming lockout/tagout procedures for blanking adjustments
  • Total System Diagnostics

Pneumatic controls for machine safety are a focus for Henry M. Wood Company. Our products can be applied to a large variety of machinery used in manufacturing and process industries. We have solutions for Lock Out/Tag Out requirements, control reliable valves for critical applications, two hand non-tie down controls, pilot operated check valves and many other safety applications.

Critical Function Machine Control

  • Control Reliable valves for alternative lock out applications requiring category 3 or category 4 control devices*
  • Spool and poppet position monitored valves for category 2 applications*
  • Mechanical Press clutch/brake control valves
  • Pilot-operated check valves
Machine control safety product in Cincinnati, OH

Machine Air Supply

  • Lockable shut off and exhaust valves to meet OSHA lock out/tag out requirements up to 3" NPT
  • Combination soft start/lockable shut off valves
  • Control Reliable valves for alternative lock out applications
  • Complete air inlet panels with manual lockable shut off valve, filter, regulator,lubricator and solenoid valve for category 1, 2, 3 and 4 applications*

Effects of Palm Buttons

  • Productivity Increases
  • Employee Morale
  • Fatigue Control
  • Economic Justification
  • Reduced Maintenance
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Safety Light Curtains The Model SS Safety Light Curtain with Solid State Outputs gives you the ultimate in safety, quality and value.

Ultra Touch Ergonomic Palm Buttons: UltraTouch® has been designed to interact with the operator, machine operation, and the work place in a safe and efficient way. This effective design of equipment will be most helpful in the controlling of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Cumulative Trauma Disorders.

Machine Control Safety Products in Cincinnati, OH

What's In It For You? 

  • Understand the existing global safety standard landscape and future direction 
  • Assess and minimize risk when evaluating machines for safety 
  • Examine work environments and recognize potential problems 
  • Grasp the basics of electrical and fluid power safety components 
  • Manage productivity and uptime by taking a holistic approach to machine safety

What Does the Program Cover? 

This eight hour course is anchored on a fictional case study that addresses current safety standards, hazard & risk assessment, integration of safety devices, lockout/tagout, and pneumatic and electrical components. (accredited for .8 CEUs by M-Tec (Michigan Technical Education Center) 

Total Machine Safety will cover topics such as Standards, Risk Assessment requirements, Lockout/Energy Isolation, Electrical and Fluid Power Safety Devices and applications, and overall machine safeguarding requirements and solutions. This class will not cover detailed component specifications, detailed component selection, or specific detailed circuit design. It will however provide a broad basis and understanding of what is required from a design standpoint, how to implement a machine guarding process, and how to select the components that will most effectively provide a solution while avoiding common pitfalls. 
ROSS Controls is a global designer and manufacturer of control reliable pneumatic valves and systems for industrial equipment. 

Facilitators—The same subject matter experts who developed the program also facilitate the program. Our pool of facilitators has professional experience and includes registered professional engineers, certified safety professionals and ANSI committee members. 

Safety Mats with the advanced NSD switching mechanism. This break-through technology provides digital on/off switching for safety mat applications and also provides the following: (to name just a few of the key features)