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Ergonomics Solution

Enclosed Track Cranes and Jibs

  • Pre-engineered, modular systems
  • Electric or air festoon for bridge and runway
  • Capacity to 4000 lbs., width to 34 feet, length as required
  • Ceiling or floor supported

Hoists, Lifters and Balancers

  • Air hoists, electric hoists, cable hoists, vacuum lifters and balancers
  • Many configurations and capacities for use with enclosed track cranes and jibs

Work Stations

  • Height adjustable mechanical fixture bases on casters
  • Standard electrical package with options available
  • Standard pneumatic package with options available

Lift Tables

  • Many styles, deck sizes, heights and capacities
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic operation
  • Turntables, tilt lifts, pallatizers
  • Custom designs available

Assembly Automation Components

  • Pneumatic and air/oil press, components or complete systems with controls ready for tooling
  • Vibratory feeders
  • Screw driving equipment
  • Turn-Key systems by integrators utilizing a wide range of components and technologies
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Industrial Manipulators

  • Ergonomically designed, operator controlled
  • Multi axis machines
  • Weight capacities to over 1000 lbs.
  • Ceiling or floor mounted
  • Custom end effectors designed for efficient positioning and handling of parts

In the primary areas of work station design and lifting and positioning applications, we can provide equipment to boost productivity through ergonomics. Utilizing hoists, balancers, and lift tables along with required mechanical, air operated or vacuum fixtures, we can specify and supply components or turnkey systems for your requirements to lift, transfer, and position material.

 Frequently this equipment will interface with a work cell on the manufacturing floor. We can provide work stations and assembly equipment for you to integrate into your process or we can provide completely tooled stations ready to aid you in the assembly operations.

If you are interested in purchasing our products, please reach out to our sales team for application assistance. 

Tooled Work Stations

  • Turn-key work stations tooled to customer specifications