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In 2008, Henry M. Wood and Ritchie Industrial Marketing (RIM) teamed up to offer our Dry Bulk Material Handling products. In this group, we provide components and complete systems for dry bulk material handling, inventory measurement, product recovery, and emission control. The products are often used in severe applications where temperature and material abrasion are a concern.We can also address environmental issues such as particulate and gaseous emissions for high temperature and pressures.

Inventory Measurement / Control

  • Low frequency non-contact continuous level 3 dimensional scanners
  • Ultra sonic and radar non-contact continuous level sensors
  • Vibrating rod, capacitance, rotary, diaphragm and tilt type single point sensors
  • Cable based level sensors
  • Flow detection and particulate emission sensors

Bulk bag fillers

  • Product Recovery
  • Ultra-efficient cyclone product collectors
  • Clean In Place cyclone product collectors
  • Guaranteed efficiencies
  • High pressure and temperature applications
  • Loadout spouts with built-in dust collection

Pollution Control

  • Ultra high efficiency cyclone dust collectors
  • Custom cyclones, baghouses and cartridge collectors
  • Particulate, fume, and hybrid scrubbers
  • Pressure vessel, high temperature and abrasive applications
  • Guaranteed efficiencies
  • High efficiency tramp oil collectors
  • Vapor hood oil collectors
  • Mobile and complete oil skimmer systems

Dry bulk material handling & emission control 

Dry Bulk Material Handling

  • Rotary airlock, rotary plug and flap gate feeders
  • Pellet and fibrous material feeders
  • Slide gates, maintenance gates, and blower packages
  • Self-lapping metal seated rotating disc valves
  • Valves for high pressure, temperature, abrasion, slurries
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Moisture analyzers for online, portable and lab applications
  • Loadout spouts, positioners, diverters, flow control gates